Welcome to Honeybee Grooves!

Hello and welcome to Honeybee Grooves. We are a small label that started as an online shop to buy and sell records and then transforming to the banner to put out dope music under! We have just put out our first official release with our partners Golden Grapes. This first 45 is a beat record that contains the musical beat stylings of The seOUL avengeR & idio. There is also a track on the 45 featuring Blueprint from Weightless Recordings. Be sure to check it out and pick it up from our website. Check out our Discogs store and pick up some "new to you" or "it's on my list" music. We update our inventory weekly with All Formats & All Genres. Our website is under construction and will be complete shortly, so check back often. I will be doing this blog weekly and once we are fully up and running, I will be posting up about the new 45 and what it has felt like to us to be able to press up your work on such a beloved format. Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned. Peace